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Doctor's Orders delivers an intimate, behind-the-scenes glimpse inside the life of a busy Ob/Gyn. Pam Swift, MD, shares her deeply personal and emotional journey as she confronts life-and-death medical emergencies, becomes entangled in the medical-legal system, and ultimately suffers a crisis of career.

As the wounded healer, having endured her own "dark night of the soul," Dr. Swift awakens to a universal truth: We create our own reality with the choices we make each and every day. Armed with this new insight, she fights to reclaim wholeness by choosing a life that aligns with her true self.


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Proprietors | Pam & Don

Pam Swift, M.D. was a partner in a large private Ob/Gyn practice as well as an attending physician at the teaching hospital located in Danbury, CT. She also served as Medical Director of the Women's Health Center which provided ambulatory Ob/Gyn care for the community's indigent and uninsured women.

After retiring from medicine, Dr. Swift and her husband moved to a farm nestled in the woods of Maine. Some of her new duties include doctoring chickens and midwifing lambs.